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Rain brings along a lot of fun and joy, but when the rain stops, all that can be seen is dirt, debris, leaves, and muck. It is never a great sight to see that filth on the roads and in the gutters. After a certain time, it begins to smell and on many occasions, the smell is too sharp that it becomes hard to breathe. An easy solution to this problem is ‘gutter guard’. Inserting a gutter guard over the gutter area will keep the water and dirt away from your home, so you don’t have anything to clean when the rain ends. Now, which gutter guard you should be buying is an important question, which you can easily solve by paying attention to the five best gutter guards consumer reports that I have discussed in the next section. Go through the reviews and by the end of it, you have a much better idea as to which gutter guard you need to buy for your home.

Reviews Of 5 Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports

1. FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System

best gutter guards consumer report

This gutter cover comes in three colors, thermal thaw black, matte aluminum and white, so whichever color you like the most, you can buy that. This gutter guard is clog-free and has the ability to block a gamut of debris without blocking the flow of water. What that means is that the water will easily flow into the gutter while all the dirt and debris will stay on the gutter guard.

When it comes to installing this gutter guard, then that can be done quite easily, courtesy of stainless steel installation fasteners, which don’t just make the installation fast, but secure as well. The quality construction of this gutter guard makes it a long-lasting product. Moreover, it doesn’t void the roof warranty like many other gutter guards.

The company has designed this gutter guard in such a way that it installs permanently. The guard comprises of sections are 4-feet long that makes it easier for the users to install the guard. Once installed, you won’t be able to see the guard from the ground.

2. GutterBrush Leaf Gutter Guard

best gutter guards consumer report

This gutter guard system is primarily designed to be used in standard 5-inch gutters. The system makes use of cylinder shaped brushes with a galvanized steel wire core and durable bristles at the top. The brushes help keep the large, stubborn debris out while allowing for the maximum water flow. Despite its simple installation and operation, it is highly effective when it comes to keeping the filth away from entering the gutters.

You can easily remove the guard when you want to repair or clean the gutter. This gutter guard is made up UV-resistant materials, which can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. When it comes to installation, you don’t have to use any tools or equipment, thus making the entire installation process pain-free.

3. GutterStuff EZ 5-Inch K Style Foam Gutter Filter Insert

best gutter guards consumer report

Another gutter guard for gutters that are 5 inches wide. This gutter guard is made of quality foam that is UV-protected and contains a fire retardant and germicide. Installing and removing the foam is pretty simple and can be done without taking anybody’s help. The product comes with different quantities of foam, so you can choose the one according to the size of your gutter, like the one I’m discussing contains foam for 32 linear feet of gutters. Once installed, you will not be able to see the gutter guard from the ground. It is among the most economical and effective gutter guards available on the market for protecting gutters from dirt, debris, leaves, and muck.

4. A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard 5 Inch- 200 feet

best gutter guards consumer report

As the name suggests, this gutter guard works perfectly with 5-inch gutters. Moreover, the gutter guard has sufficient guards to cover 200 feet of gutters. When it comes to the material used in constructing this gutter guard, then that is heavy gauge aluminum and the reason for using it is its anti-rust properties and its ability to last long, really long.

The company is providing a 25-year warranty on the guards against deterioration, so you can imagine how confident the company is about its products. Upon installation, the gutter guard becomes invisible from the ground, which is good because then, there is no uneven surface to worry about.

This gutter guard can easily handle high volumes of water, so if it is raining heavily outside, don’t worry, the gutter guard will take care of everything. You can use this gutter guard with any hangar, which includes K-style hangars. The only drawback about this product is that you will have to screw the aluminum plate for which, you require ¼-inch zip screws.

5. LeafsOut Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Guard System

best gutter guards consumer report

A top-rated company when it comes to making gutter guards with their best model being the micromesh rain gutter guard. This gutter guard is made up of stainless steel, thus making the product immune to rust and corrosion. This material is incredibly strong for its weight and thickness. The base lip of the guard is made of aluminum, so it’s isn’t just the stainless steel that is used in the guard, but aluminum as well.

The design of the gutter guard, i.e., micromesh has siphon strips running throughout, which help collect the water at specific points along the guard and break the surface tension. As a result, the water doesn’t build up surface tension and overflow. No other type of detritus will build-up on the gutter guard, thus allowing no place for pests to nest.

The excellent design and operation of this gutter guard have expanded its operation as well, as many people use this guard as a filter for rainwater collection systems. However, this gutter guard will not decontaminate the water. You will get a hard time installing this gutter guard, as you will have to drill the holes to screw the aluminum plate into the gutters. Moreover, if you put pressure on stainless steel micromesh, then it can break because it is way too flexible. Apart from these small issues, this gutter guard is truly exceptional.

Types Of Gutter Guard Systems

More than 7 types of gutter guards are available on the market of which, some can be installed on your own while for others, you will have to call out experts. Let’s find out as to what those 7 types are:

Metal Screens

These are made of either steel or aluminum and are extremely easy to install. While these screens are quite efficient in barring the entry of large leaves, but when it comes to preventing finer particles, the efficiency certainly takes the backbench. The operation of the guard gets affected when the clutter covers the entire screen and doesn’t let the water flow into the gutter.


A special sponge material needs to be installed on the gutter that will allow the water to drip through while the debris remains outside. But, that debris needs to be disposed of safely or else it will give rise to compost and mold. Moreover, the sponge is a flammable material, so use it with caution.

Brush Inserts/Pipe Cleaner

These are like bottlebrush having a wire with the protruding spikes, which helps clean the gutter. Even then, the finer particles of dirt and debris may still be left behind and cause a blockage. Moreover, it is not easy to maintain those brush inserts.

Plastic Screens

Resembles a lot with metal screens, but these can be easily slid into places where metal screens won’t. However, this flexibility can allow finer particles of debris to get inside the gutter.

Slit Covers

This gutter guard allows only the water to enter while the debris is washed off the edge of the roof, but this gutter guard can be clogged easily, so regular cleaning is required.

Reverse Curve

The logic behind this gutter guard was to allow the rainwater to flow to the gutter’s front while the debris being pushed off the front edge. But, this system invited pests and bees to nest on the gutter guard. Moreover, installation was also not easy.

Micromesh Gutter Guards

These gutter guards consist of a mesh with extremely fine pores, which will only allow rainwater to go through and blocking everything else. It is the best gutter guard that is available on the market. But, you need to pay attention towards the angle of installation as if it is too steep, then it won’t hold all the water and if it too gentle, then it will trap water for too long.

Features To Consider While buying A Gutter Guard

Animal Nest Prevention

Make sure the gutter guard that you have installed doesn’t invite pests because if that happens, then it could do serious damage to the internal pipes or the roof.


Investing in a gutter guard that requires lesser cleaning is good, so choose that gutter guard, which doesn’t require too much of cleaning.


Make sure that the gutter guard is easy to install because if you want to DIY, then the entire process needs to be simple or else you will have to call out professionals to do the same.


If your gutter guard is durable, only then your gutter will be durable. The reason why you are getting a gutter guard is to protect your gutters, so make sure you invest in a durable product.


The type of gutter guard you need to buy depends a lot on the amount of rainfall in your area. The more the rainfall, the better quality of gutter guard you will have to buy.

Gutter Size

You must measure the size of the gutter before buying a gutter guard otherwise you will have to get into the hassle of replacement and that time wasting process. Therefore, the best thing is to know exactly as to what the size of the gutter is.

Weather Conditions

If you live in an area where the weather gets extreme, then you will have to invest in a gutter cover that can withstand those extreme weather conditions easily.

Wrap Up

With a lot to consider, the task of buying the best gutter guard was never going to be simple. But, having discussed the five best gutter guards consumer reports, types of gutter covers and important parameters, the task doesn’t remain as difficult as it could be had you not read this post. I believe you are now in a better place to decide as to which gutter guard suits you the best. So, why don’t you go ahead and buy one from the aforementioned list in order to protect your gutter in the best possible way.

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